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Laser Hair Removal Near Navarre Florida

Laser Hair Removal Results

Are you looking for laser hair removal near Navarre, Florida? Emerald Coast Med Spa offers laser hair removal services for an affordable price! Call or stop by to set up your appointment today! You can also send us a message by clicking the button below:

Diolaze – Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is not only convenient but it saves our clients a lot of time from weekly maintenance and it is far more cost-efficient in the long run. Although there has been a lot of skepticism in the past regarding this procedure, research has shown and proven that this is safe and there should be no cause for concern. When the InMode team created Diolaze, they took everything into consideration to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Diolaze is a gold standard diode hair removal solution. Unlike most, Diolaze is a hair removal product that comes without compromising: peak power, speed, and large spot size. Diolaze is also the first high-speed hair removal product on the market. It pulses at a rate of 30J/30msec and up to 40J with high-speed 4 cm2/sec. Again, it is both fast and efficient and all of our clients love the safety and comfort of this laser hair removal system.


It’s pulsing and power optimize results and ensure maximize safety. Most procedures of laser hair surgery leave behind the stubborn hairs which is expected usually with older technology. But, with Diolaze, it is powerful enough to get rid of all hairs no matter what the level of stubbornness is! Since it’s powerful enough to take out the most stubborn of hairs, does that mean it’s painful? Absolutely not! This treatment has a strong built-in cooling system that makes the experience close to painless. The purpose of this process is designed to be as comfortable as possible.


It usually takes about 6 to 8 treatments to completely rid you of the hair because our hair grows in various stages so depending on when you go for your treatment; you’re only targeting one stage of the hair growth. However, clients have received noticeable results with just one treatment!