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Stephanie Wilbanks

Dr. Svetlana Hanson

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Obesity Medicine, and highly trained in Aesthetics

Dr. Hanson is a highly dedicated physician, Board certified in Internal Medicine, Obesity Medicine, and highly trained in Aesthetics. Her commitment is evident in the exceptional care she provides to her patients. By practicing concierge medicine, a healthcare model known for its personalized and comprehensive approach, she ensures that her patient receives a memorable healthcare experience.

With a smaller patient panel, Dr. Hanson can devote ample time to each individual, providing thorough, preventive care, personalized wellness programs, and round-the-clock access.

Understanding the patient’s unique stories, concerns, and aspirations is vital in delivering personalized and effective medical care.

Dr. Hanson is known for her unwavering dedication to building solid relationships with her patients, treating them like family. A commitment to her patients goes beyond medical care, ensuring an exceptional experience that makes every patient feel valued and cared for.